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Mbuti Culture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

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Mbuti Culture - Research Paper Example

An average Mbuti adult is often four feet six inches tall. The word Pygmies is not preferred by the tribesman as it usually refers to people with a disability. They are known to be nomadic who move from one area to the other for benefits of hunting. The Mbuti people are also known as Bambuti as the word pygmy carries with it different meanings. Pygmies has generally been used in the medical terminology to refer to dwarves who are suffering from physiological problems. In comparison to pygmies these people are normal human beings who are eager to fight with people who insult them in anyway. If they find anyone denying their existence they consider it as an insult and fight for it. Thus it is better for non Mbuti people to claim that they have met with the person before. This essay would further revolve around the people who belong to Mbuti culture and would prove as to how their mode of subsistence is affecting different aspects of their culture (Adinoyi-Ojo 1996; Kent 1996).

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